Saturday, November 22, 2014

1974, SPEC, Peter Wolf

I found this issue of SPEC at a Record Convention.
Not familiar with the publication but come to find out
it's from those 16 Teen magazines. I originally purchased it for
the Alice Cooper article. The magazine had a number of sections cut out
and loose pages. They featured a few Rockers like Alice Cooper, Peter Wolf,
David Bowie but mostly teen idols like Donny Osmond,
Michael Jackson, David Cassidy etc...

Back around 2000 I crossed paths w/ Peter Wolf. Unfortunately I didn't speak to him.
I went to a club called The Paradise to see Patti Smith perform. 
It was a small place but good sound system.
First he was sitting on a couch w/ 3 or 4 people then during concert I went to turn around 
& he was standing behind me.
He was wearing sunglasses in the dark club which I couldn't figure out
how the hell can he see! I had a hard time myself and I wasn't sporting shades.

Peter Wolf singer of J. Geils Band

Pg 12 - 13

 1974, Oct, SPEC

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