Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hell City Glamours

End of 2014 is also the end of 
Hell City Glamours a band from Sydney, Australia.

Now I would be lying to you if I said I knew of this band for sometime.
Unfortunately I just came across this band on Spotify maybe a month or 2 ago.
It was on "Related Artists" of a band I was listening too. I can't remember what band 
I was listening to at the time.
As I scrolled down the list I sampled Hell City Glamour not knowing anything about them
but I ended up loving their music. I thought I found a new band to look out for in the future.
Come to find out they have been playing for 12 years and put out 2 recordings and 3 EPs
from what I see on Spotify.

The latest self titled is the final release of Hell City Glamours.

If you go to the groups website
It says "New Album, Breaking Up and Saying Goodbye" 
Their last show was in July 2014.

Hell City Glamour played with Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Rose Tattoo, Paul Stanley, 
LA Guns and many more bands listed on their website.

Check them out on YouTube or the best way is on Spotify that
list all the albums and EPs.

Monday, December 29, 2014

1985, Kerrang!, Phil Lynott

Following is another article cut out of Kerrang! '85.
This issue talks about Phil Lynott's time after Thin Lizzy.
Phil formed another band called Grand Slam but had trouble finding
a record label so after a while Phil decided to do a solo album
and released "Nineteen" which was a pretty cool song for it's time.
I ended up getting the EP.

This Kerrang! issue included a number of items with Phil
such as a News section, an article and an AD for the 
brand new single "Nineteen"

Phil Lynott

Pg 2

Pg 38 - 39

Pg 47, 
Phil Lynott "Nineteen"AD 

Phil Lynott - Nineteen

Sunday, December 28, 2014

1991, Kerrang!, Dogs D'Amour

This was a cut out article from Kerrang!
I believe it's in '91.

I first got introduced to Dogs D'Amour in Kerrang! 1988
that included a flexi disc of "Last Bandit" single
from "In The Dynamite Jet Saloon" album
that I later bought in green vinyl. Then I kept on
purchasing all the releases they put out.

Dogs D'Amour
Pg 18 - 19

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

1984, Kerrang! Kerristmas Kwizz, Slade

Getting into a Metal Christmas
here is 1984 Kerrang! Kerristmas Kwizz issue, Volume 1.
The whole issue is full of all trivia questions and crossword puzzles on metal.

Test your metal skills 
Answers included at bottom left of page

Pg 11

 1984, Kerrang! Kerristmas Kwizz

Sunday, December 21, 2014

1980's College Fest

Not sure on the dates but I say around 1982 to 1984.
I went to two College Fest sponsored by Boston College.
Now I wasn't from BC but was a college student. It was open to all
college students so a few friends from other colleges checked it out.
It reminded me of a big record convention but they gave away
a lot of FREE stuff such as posters, coupon books to Rolling Stone and Spin magazines
plus other publications.
Also Penthouse Pet signing photos and the first College Fest
MTV Nina Blackwood attended in signing as well.

I'm an Alice Cooper fan and around this time Alice Cooper wasn't doing much other than 
releasing his New Wave albums. I asked Nina if she heard anything going on with Alice Cooper 
and she responded "I haven't but for your sake I hope something soon."
She seemed like a nice person very pleasant and sociable.

This last photo was from the second College Fest I went too. It wasn't as big
as the first fest. 
I was with some other friends and at the table of the Penthouse Pet you say
your name & she signs it. I notice my friend leaning over talking to her for a while
and asked what he said. He replied I said my name Brad and she said
Brad? How do you spell that?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

1985, Kerrang!, Gary Moore AD, Review, Article

This was cut out from a Kerrang! 1985
just not sure of the month.
This issue had a lot on Gary Moore from full page AD,
"Run For Cover" review and feature article.

Gary Moore 
Full Page AD

Pg 11
Run For Cover review

Pg 18 - 21, pg 59

Here's live version of "Run For Cover" at BBC "Whistle Test" 1985

Thursday, December 18, 2014

1978, Groupie Rock, Angel

First Eddie Trunk Podcast has an interview today with
Punky Meadows of Angel

Since this is a rare occasion that an interview has been done with any Angel member.
I have this article from Groupie Rock issue back in 1978.
I found this magazine at a Record Convention and honestly I never
heard of Groupie Rock magazine but had to get it.
It was in good condition with all the pages and no tears
just had to buy it. Plus it was cheap.

Angel was on the Casablanca label the same as Kiss.
Angel dressed in white and Kiss in all black
Casablanca played off the good vs evil.

I also posted another Angel article on November 27, 2014


Pg 20

Pg 17 - 19

 1978, August, Groupie Rock

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1978, Circus, John Belushi interview

Here's a short interview with Saturday Night Live
Not Ready For Prime Time Player
John Belushi

Pg 48 - 49

 1978, January 19, Circus