Saturday, December 13, 2014

1970, Captain Beefheart, Trout Mask Replica, 8-Track

Here's the only 8-Track I kept in my collection.
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
"Trout Mask Replica"

This is one of the most famous albums by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.
"Trout Mask Replica" was considered being Dadaist Rock.
There are many stories on the making of this album.
Everything from sleep deprivation to almost cult like tactics.

I've been a fan of Captain Beefheart for sometime now and I have to say
there are some releases that just don't do it for me but majority of his work
is pretty good. He ranges from blues to avant-garde.

There is an excellent book out titled "Captain Beefheart" by Mike Barnes
that gives you information on this recording as well as the Captain's
life story from pre and post Beefheart.

I remember on one early 80's summer bar-b-que over a friend's place
I gave him my whole collection of 8-tracks and the suitcase.
During that time no one had 8-tracks but my friend had an
8-track player that still worked so I gave them to him plus
he still had plenty of his own 8-tracks. He would use his player
during times like this summer event. 
During the bar-b-que I put on this 8-track when no one was paying attention.
I just wanted to see how long would it take before they notice what weird sound
is coming out of the speakers. I think it was around the beginning of the 3rd
track with puzzled faces saying "what is this?"

Front Cover
(I just love this cover photo. In the book I mentioned above they said
they used a real catfish head and it was starting to smell under the hot photo lights)

Back Cover


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