Sunday, December 21, 2014

1980's College Fest

Not sure on the dates but I say around 1982 to 1984.
I went to two College Fest sponsored by Boston College.
Now I wasn't from BC but was a college student. It was open to all
college students so a few friends from other colleges checked it out.
It reminded me of a big record convention but they gave away
a lot of FREE stuff such as posters, coupon books to Rolling Stone and Spin magazines
plus other publications.
Also Penthouse Pet signing photos and the first College Fest
MTV Nina Blackwood attended in signing as well.

I'm an Alice Cooper fan and around this time Alice Cooper wasn't doing much other than 
releasing his New Wave albums. I asked Nina if she heard anything going on with Alice Cooper 
and she responded "I haven't but for your sake I hope something soon."
She seemed like a nice person very pleasant and sociable.

This last photo was from the second College Fest I went too. It wasn't as big
as the first fest. 
I was with some other friends and at the table of the Penthouse Pet you say
your name & she signs it. I notice my friend leaning over talking to her for a while
and asked what he said. He replied I said my name Brad and she said
Brad? How do you spell that?

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