Monday, December 15, 2014

1990, Quireboys promo photos

Here's 2 more promo photos from former concert promoter
I was freelancing at sometime ago.

Here's an early promo of the The Quireboys known as The London Quireboys
but by the time they released their debut they were known as The Quireboys.

I was hoping to find some Dogs D'Amour photos but this is the closest band.
I actually learned about The Quireboys from Dogs D'Amour.

The Quireboys still record and tour. They recently released "Black Eyed Sons" and
 "This Is Rock N' Roll II" both great releases.
Plus singer Spike released an excellent tribute to Frankie Miller "100% Pure Frankie Miller"
w/ a number of guests. 
All available on Spotify.

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