Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aerosmith promo photos

A while back I was hired as a freelance graphic designer for a concert promotor. 
We use to create ads and flyers of up coming shows. 
It was a pretty good place since I was into music I would be able to get
tickets and some places mostly clubs I would be "on the list."
I took advantage of those shows.
They hired me for 5 or 6 months during the concert season from spring to end of summer.
I did that for about 3 years then after being bought out every year I went back the
last promoter moved the location out of state.
Before I left I went through a bin of photos they were not using anymore.
Unfortunately most of them were picked over but I grabbed a few bands.

First Aerosmith photo looks like it's from the 70's

Second Aerosmith photo is dated on the
bottom under the Geffen logo as 1987

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