Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1990, RAW, Tyla of Dogs D'Amour

Cut out article from 1990 RAW issue on
Dogs D'Amour singer, songwriter and artist Tyla.

I actually have a watercolor by Tyla that I purchased
in 1997. I have it framed hanging on the wall right behind me.
Someday I'll post a photo of it.

Tyla not only writes and sings all the songs he also
creates the cover art on the albums, CDs, EPS, Posters, etc...

Pg 34 - 36


  1. Dogs were a favorite band that I liked a lot. Dynamite Jet Saloon was my favorite release.
    Like to see the watercolor you have. cheers, Paul

  2. Once I find someone w/ a decent iPhone or digital camera I'll post it.
    Yes DJS is one of my favorite Dogs CD.