Sunday, January 18, 2015

1996, Details, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon

Here's an article I clipped out of Details magazine in July 1996.
This is a good article on Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon.
Blind Melon was an excellent band that got caught in
the "One Hit Wonders" with "No Rain" being the big hit.
Unfortunately a lot of people and press didn't give them a second look.
Even when Shannon Hoon died the press and MTV gave just a blurb.
Not the 24 hour press Cobain received by MTV. Shannon was just a foot note. 
Blind Melon put out a good sophomore album "Soup" and after Shannon's demise 
"Nico" had some outstanding tracks.

Blind Melon produced 2 DVDs "Letters From A Porcupine"
and "Live At The Metro, Sept, 27, 1995"
both excellent DVDs.

I even have the book 
"A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other
The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon"
by Greg Prato
which is excellent read. I like to talk about that in a future blog.

Details give a well deserved article on Shannon Hoon.

July 1996

Pg 30 - 32, p34, p 43 - 44, p 160

"Mouthful of Cavities" from Letters From A Porcupine DVD

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