Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lyle Lovett promotional photos w/ Rickie Lee Jones

Now this is different from the bands I have posted.
But I've been a Lyle Lovett fan since '89. This came about
during the "New Country" as they called it. 
Currently now "New Country" is basically Pop music.
It's hard to tell Keith Urban from Kid Rock.

Lyle Lovett came along with K.D. Lang both performers
that country considered to be outsiders.
What I liked about Lyle Lovett is that he crossed over many genres of music
from Country, Blue Grass, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Blues and Jazz.
Plus the guy has a great sense of humor not only in lyrics but banter.
I seen him in concert a few times and in between songs he was like
 stand up comedian. Lyle with his dry sense of humor and straight face
entertains you.

So these promotional photos are the last I picked up at a freelance
job I once talked about earlier in this blog.

The following 2 photos was from
"Joshua Judges Ruth" album in '92
w/ Rickie Lee Jones on
"North Dakota"
that is an amazing song.

This photo in the car is my favorite photo

"North Dakota"
Lyle Lovett and Rickie Lee Jones

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