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1987, Metal Mania, Damien and Violent Playground

This article was on the reverse side of a page I cut out of in 1987, Metal Mania
Maybe someone out there knows about these 2 bands Damien and Violent Playground

Pg 29 - 30

Friday, February 27, 2015

1976, Circus, "Photography As A Career" article

This "Photography As A Career" article may not be that interesting to some but 
they give some fine photos of Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury and others.

Pg 30 - 37

I'm pretty sure this contest is over but it is interesting to look at
the cameras and prices of '76.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1987, Kerrang!, Lady Killers page

On a previous article I cut out of Kerrang! has this Lady Killers section was on the back page.
Have no idea who they are but they look like some band members in the 80's.

Pg 49

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

1988, Kerrang!, Ratt, "Reach For The Sky" AD

This was on the reverse side of an article I cut out of Kerrang!
It's a full page AD on Ratt's new album "Reach For The Sky"
Produced by Beau Hill & Mike Stone

You can hear the whole "Reach For The Sky" album here

Sunday, February 22, 2015

1991, Kerrang!, Thin Lizzy, "Dedication" CD review

Article cut out of Kerrang! issue

On Thin Lizzy hits after the demise of Phil Lynott
 also includes "Dedication" a song Phil sang with his
last band Grand Slam but in this CD it includes Scott Gorham and Brian Downey.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tonight New Episode That Metal Show with Geddy Lee and following new Rock Icons

Season 14 of That Metal Show
starts off for Rush fans with one hour TMS show guest  Geddy Lee
9/8c on VH-1 Classics
after TMS at 10/9c premieres Rock Icons documentary series w/ classic
rock's most legendary musicians. Debut episodes starts off interviewing Geddy Lee of RUSH

Friday, February 20, 2015

1993, Uncle Sam "14 Women...15 Days" CD

The final album by Uncle Sam. I just happen to stumble across this so I had no previous review or any promotion of this release. Came out in '93 although it is noted on page 3 it was written in '91. Produced by Kim Fowley (The Runaways mentor) and Timothy T. Brannigan (don't ask never heard of him).
Also on a new label Communique Records/Progressive International that I guess is out of the U.S.
From what I heard this album came out after Uncle Sam's break up.

'Fourteen Women...Fifteen Days' is back to 'Heaven Or Hollywood' release. With some demented lyrics and songs not to mention their cover art it brings Uncle Sam more closer to sexual predators and serial killers.

Songs like 'Caretaker'

...I got myself a shovel
I got myself a pick
walking thru the graveyard
while the fog is so thick
digging up bodies
digging up bones...

to one of my favorites track the title 'Fourteen Women...Fifteen Days' isn't about groupie exploits. 
It reveals the thoughts of a serial killer.

"...I killed me 14 girls in just 15 days
defended by a word called insane
after number 7 they all looked the same
I brought the city down to its knees
I caught a bad case of the white man's disease...

There are other tunes that are just as good such as 'Stripped of Innocence', 'Carnival Knowledge', 'Draggin the Coffin' that makes you wish they kept on producing records.

2004 & 2006 - Update of Uncle Sam

Back in 2004 I had my evenspot website in which I dedicated a page on Uncle Sam
and received an email from Larry Miller who told me he plays in a few bands
just for fun but hasn't formed any projects at that time.
Also said original singer Scott moved to California to open a Deli but then
lost it when the big earthquake hit. After that he doesn't know what Scott is doing since
the disaster.
The only person I know who continued on was singer Dave Gentner
who is in The Veins that put out a few CDs. I do have 3 of them from '97 to 2008.
I don't know if they made any more. I did a search and there are a number of bands that
go by that name so I don't think they are around anymore.
Larry Miller not in The Veins but has played on stage w/ them a few times.
Back 2006 I received an email from girlfriend of Bill Purol saying he was putting
together a band w/ his brother Dave from The Veins.

Cover CD 
This is a trifold cover

Cover CD pg 2

Cover CD pg 3

Inside CD Booklet pg 1

Inside CD Booklet pg 2

Inside CD Booklet pg 3


Back CD Jewel Case

"Fallout Shelter"

Thursday, February 19, 2015

1990, Uncle Sam "Letters From London" CD

Second release produced by Uncle Sam and Marty Duda, this recording has some changes in it. Some w/ the band members from what I can gather in the credits and from any previous articles they really don't mention anyone but Larry Miller who does the interviews for the band. From what I can gather on the CD credits they list "All songs written by Uncle Sam (David Gentner, Larry Miller, Bill Purol)" 

The new line up is:
new drummer JEFF MANN, new bass BILL PUROL, former bass player now lead vocals DAVE GENTNER, and LARRY MILLER on guitar.

This release isn't as fast as the previous "Heaven or Hollywood" but still holds some great tunes. I guess being more popular or maybe getting more press in England this CD contains songs from their adventures over the seas like title song 'Letters From London' and 'Lexington Blues'. There is quite a few sexual intended songs such as 'Red Shirt' which is about having sex at workplace shirt means you love me
short skirt means be quick
we'll sneek into the back room
before the second trick...

as for 'Crystal'

"...I'd love to slide my hands down your silky silhouette cat
I'd love to catch you in the rain
and if I held your back up against the wall
well, don't tell me that you'd obstain

'Ain't No Valentino' is one of my favs and 'Good Bye Mr. Mary'
I find a number of these songs being a little mellow compared to debut 
"Heaven or Hollywood."

In a Kerrang review of this record they say "...while 'Room For One' is a broken Alice before the sticky finger of Desmond Child...

Cover CD

Back Cover CD

Inside CD Booklet Pg 1 & 2


Back of CD Jewel Case

'Ain't No Valentino'

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1990, Kerrang!, Uncle Sam, "Letters From London" review

This review cut out of
1990 Kerrang!
on Uncle Sam's sophomore release "Letter's From London"

Kerrang! doesn't mention the change of vocalist.
Scott is out and Dave is in but they still have the Alice Cooper/ Stooges style.

1990 Uncle Sam review

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1987, Uncle Sam "Heaven Or Hollywood" CD, Limited Edition Cover LP

I posted 2 other articles on Uncle Sam on January 26, 2015
and on January 27, 2015

The debut album from Uncle Sam produced by Bob Martin is amazing. The sticker quote that was pasted over the "Limited Edition Cover" of the nude model posing on the vinyl cover reads  "KKKKK' Lp that combines the pure and deadly delicious raw power of the original Cooper outfit at their most frenetic, with MC5, the Stooges an maybe just a tantalizing hint of the Cramps an the Dolls...makes Guns n' roses 'Appetite for Destruction' sound like 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm's Greatest Hits'." - Ray Zell, Kerrang

'Heaven or Hollywood' released on Skeller label in 1987 gives you the best release from this band. In an interview from a Kerrang article guitarist and spokesman of the band Larry Miller says of 'Heaven or Hollywood' "...I mean, it was said that our album could fit between 'Love It To Death' and 'Killer', but I don't think even they could have put out an album that would fit there. I don't think anyone could..."

The line up on the first album goes:
SCOTT CESSNA on lead vocals, G. AVERY BRISK on drums, LARRY MILLER on guitar and DAVE GENTNER on bass. 

Unfortunately vocalist Scott Cessna only appearance on this album. Bass Dave Gentner takes
over lead vocals which I will note on the following release.

'Live For The Day' starts off like a MC5 song very fast furious 2:25 time. 'Don't Be Shy' is one of my favorite tunes w/ jamming guitars. 'Alice D' is a play on words which sounds like LSD. 'No Reason Why' is another 1:55 song that'll just drain you. 'The Candyman' is a demented song that Alice Cooper could of sung. 'The CandyMan' reminds me of the Child Collector from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
'Under Sedation' gives a little tribute to Alice Cooper as Scott starts reeling 'Under Sedation' he switches to singing 'Under My Wheels' then back to 'Under Sedation'. As 'Heaven or Hollywood' was from their visit to L.A.

I first bought the vinyl then a few years later I found the CD that comes w/ 2 bonus tracks 'Steppin Stone' by The Monkees and 'Train Kept A'Rollin' that 
The Yardbirds and Aerosmith cover as well. 

Re-issued CD Cover w/ censored cover

Back Cover

Band above from left to right:

Inside Cover Booklet


Back of CD Jewel Case

Sticker posted on "Limited Edition Cover" of Original Vinyl LP

Limited Edition Cover LP

Back Cover

The vinyl sleeve was a plain white and
didn't include images like the inside CD booklet

Side 1 label

Side 2 label

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

1990, Lyle Lovett concert booklet, Hampton Beach Casino, N.H.

This booklet was given out at 
Hampton Beach Casino on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.
Although the booklet was copyrighted in 1989 this concert was
on August 18, 1990

This was my first Lyle Lovett concert and it was a great show.

The booklet size is about 5.5x8.5

Pioneer Presents Lyle Lovett and his Large Band


Back Cover

My ticket