Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1987, Kerrang!, Lady Killers page

On a previous article I cut out of Kerrang! has this Lady Killers section was on the back page.
Have no idea who they are but they look like some band members in the 80's.

Pg 49


  1. Two members of a band called Poison Dollys. The blonde is bassist Mef Manning and the other one is the vocalist who used the stage name Roulette.

  2. Thanks DS for the info. I just notice they have one album on Spotify I have to check out.

  3. I was just idly browsing online and stumbled across this. It only took you 6 minutes to reply. Another 'Ladykiller' was Rosella Santoro who may have had an Italian name but actually hailed from Farnborough and fronted a band called Java. You may also have heard of an all female band Oral who were kind of....'Interesting'! Happy listening.

  4. sorry David for the late reply I don't know why but my Comment section usually tells me if someone response but lately I have to actually go to that menu section. I don't have many Kerrang! issues although I did have a number of them but tossed them out when doing some cleaning for more space. Wish I kept them I only had a handful now. Yeah I heard of Oral I believe I posted a Kerrang! AD on them and maybe a review. Nice hearing from you. Cheers