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1987, Uncle Sam "Heaven Or Hollywood" CD, Limited Edition Cover LP

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The debut album from Uncle Sam produced by Bob Martin is amazing. The sticker quote that was pasted over the "Limited Edition Cover" of the nude model posing on the vinyl cover reads  "KKKKK's...an Lp that combines the pure and deadly delicious raw power of the original Cooper outfit at their most frenetic, with MC5, the Stooges an maybe just a tantalizing hint of the Cramps an the Dolls...makes Guns n' roses 'Appetite for Destruction' sound like 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm's Greatest Hits'." - Ray Zell, Kerrang

'Heaven or Hollywood' released on Skeller label in 1987 gives you the best release from this band. In an interview from a Kerrang article guitarist and spokesman of the band Larry Miller says of 'Heaven or Hollywood' "...I mean, it was said that our album could fit between 'Love It To Death' and 'Killer', but I don't think even they could have put out an album that would fit there. I don't think anyone could..."

The line up on the first album goes:
SCOTT CESSNA on lead vocals, G. AVERY BRISK on drums, LARRY MILLER on guitar and DAVE GENTNER on bass. 

Unfortunately vocalist Scott Cessna only appearance on this album. Bass Dave Gentner takes
over lead vocals which I will note on the following release.

'Live For The Day' starts off like a MC5 song very fast furious 2:25 time. 'Don't Be Shy' is one of my favorite tunes w/ jamming guitars. 'Alice D' is a play on words which sounds like LSD. 'No Reason Why' is another 1:55 song that'll just drain you. 'The Candyman' is a demented song that Alice Cooper could of sung. 'The CandyMan' reminds me of the Child Collector from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
'Under Sedation' gives a little tribute to Alice Cooper as Scott starts reeling 'Under Sedation' he switches to singing 'Under My Wheels' then back to 'Under Sedation'. As 'Heaven or Hollywood' was from their visit to L.A.

I first bought the vinyl then a few years later I found the CD that comes w/ 2 bonus tracks 'Steppin Stone' by The Monkees and 'Train Kept A'Rollin' that 
The Yardbirds and Aerosmith cover as well. 

Re-issued CD Cover w/ censored cover

Back Cover

Band above from left to right:

Inside Cover Booklet


Back of CD Jewel Case

Sticker posted on "Limited Edition Cover" of Original Vinyl LP

Limited Edition Cover LP

Back Cover

The vinyl sleeve was a plain white and
didn't include images like the inside CD booklet

Side 1 label

Side 2 label

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