Thursday, February 19, 2015

1990, Uncle Sam "Letters From London" CD

Second release produced by Uncle Sam and Marty Duda, this recording has some changes in it. Some w/ the band members from what I can gather in the credits and from any previous articles they really don't mention anyone but Larry Miller who does the interviews for the band. From what I can gather on the CD credits they list "All songs written by Uncle Sam (David Gentner, Larry Miller, Bill Purol)" 

The new line up is:
new drummer JEFF MANN, new bass BILL PUROL, former bass player now lead vocals DAVE GENTNER, and LARRY MILLER on guitar.

This release isn't as fast as the previous "Heaven or Hollywood" but still holds some great tunes. I guess being more popular or maybe getting more press in England this CD contains songs from their adventures over the seas like title song 'Letters From London' and 'Lexington Blues'. There is quite a few sexual intended songs such as 'Red Shirt' which is about having sex at workplace shirt means you love me
short skirt means be quick
we'll sneek into the back room
before the second trick...

as for 'Crystal'

"...I'd love to slide my hands down your silky silhouette cat
I'd love to catch you in the rain
and if I held your back up against the wall
well, don't tell me that you'd obstain

'Ain't No Valentino' is one of my favs and 'Good Bye Mr. Mary'
I find a number of these songs being a little mellow compared to debut 
"Heaven or Hollywood."

In a Kerrang review of this record they say "...while 'Room For One' is a broken Alice before the sticky finger of Desmond Child...

Cover CD

Back Cover CD

Inside CD Booklet Pg 1 & 2


Back of CD Jewel Case

'Ain't No Valentino'

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