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1993, Uncle Sam "14 Women...15 Days" CD

The final album by Uncle Sam. I just happen to stumble across this so I had no previous review or any promotion of this release. Came out in '93 although it is noted on page 3 it was written in '91. Produced by Kim Fowley (The Runaways mentor) and Timothy T. Brannigan (don't ask never heard of him).
Also on a new label Communique Records/Progressive International that I guess is out of the U.S.
From what I heard this album came out after Uncle Sam's break up.

'Fourteen Women...Fifteen Days' is back to 'Heaven Or Hollywood' release. With some demented lyrics and songs not to mention their cover art it brings Uncle Sam more closer to sexual predators and serial killers.

Songs like 'Caretaker'

...I got myself a shovel
I got myself a pick
walking thru the graveyard
while the fog is so thick
digging up bodies
digging up bones...

to one of my favorites track the title 'Fourteen Women...Fifteen Days' isn't about groupie exploits. 
It reveals the thoughts of a serial killer.

"...I killed me 14 girls in just 15 days
defended by a word called insane
after number 7 they all looked the same
I brought the city down to its knees
I caught a bad case of the white man's disease...

There are other tunes that are just as good such as 'Stripped of Innocence', 'Carnival Knowledge', 'Draggin the Coffin' that makes you wish they kept on producing records.

2004 & 2006 - Update of Uncle Sam

Back in 2004 I had my evenspot website in which I dedicated a page on Uncle Sam
and received an email from Larry Miller who told me he plays in a few bands
just for fun but hasn't formed any projects at that time.
Also said original singer Scott moved to California to open a Deli but then
lost it when the big earthquake hit. After that he doesn't know what Scott is doing since
the disaster.
The only person I know who continued on was singer Dave Gentner
who is in The Veins that put out a few CDs. I do have 3 of them from '97 to 2008.
I don't know if they made any more. I did a search and there are a number of bands that
go by that name so I don't think they are around anymore.
Larry Miller not in The Veins but has played on stage w/ them a few times.
Back 2006 I received an email from girlfriend of Bill Purol saying he was putting
together a band w/ his brother Dave from The Veins.

Cover CD 
This is a trifold cover

Cover CD pg 2

Cover CD pg 3

Inside CD Booklet pg 1

Inside CD Booklet pg 2

Inside CD Booklet pg 3


Back CD Jewel Case

"Fallout Shelter"

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