Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1986, Lou Reed concert Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Warning these are very bad photos taken at a Lou Reed
concert in Mansfield, MA at Great Woods.

Great Woods is an open venue that's for summer concerts. They changed the name a number of times
now I think it's Comcast but who knows by this summer it could be another name.
This is the first time I ever seen Lou Reed in concert. I seen him a total of 3 concerts
the last was in 2000. So I just happen to find these photos in the back of a draw.
I can understand why after looking at them. Poor quality pics of Lou and exposure just washes out
Lou in the spotlight. So I figure since Lou Reed isn't with us anymore
here's some rare but terrible photos.

The concert itself was very good and Lou Reed was doing his Mistrial Tour 1986.
I also bought the concert t-shirt.
The album is pretty good but I must say it's not one I listen to often. 
You have a few good tracks like "No Money Down" was the single and MTV showed
the video that was a strange Lou Reed robot that peels off his flesh as he is singing.
"Video Violence" and "The Original Wrapper" were very popular tracks of the album
and a favorite ballad of mine is "Tell To Your Heart."

July 1986 
Lou Reed 
Mistrial Tour 1986
Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Since this post isn't a total loss 
below is a clip of Lou Reed performing "Mistrail"
at the Ritz in New York on July 16, 1986
which is the same month I seen him at Great Woods.

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