Thursday, April 23, 2015

1997, Tyla - "Nocturnal Nomad Demos 1997" Limited Edition #205

Tyla's solo career after Dogs D'Amour split.
Tyla put out a lot of material and during this time Tyla did a limited edition
of "Nocturnal Nomad Demos 1997" signed and numbered by Tyla #205.
This also comes w/ black & white photocopy of stapled 8 1/2x11 sheet of lyrics.

Later Tyla did a finish version called "Nocturnal Nomad" in 2010.

The whole CD artwork was just a black & white photocopy of Tyla
w/ handwritten listings. Well it's demos so it's like a bootleg.

Inside Cover
(signed & numbered by Tyla)

(this disc came blank. I wrote on the CD just so
I won't lose the disc among my blank CDs for some reason)

"Nocturnal Nomad Demos 1997"
8 1/2x11 lyric sheet stapled

Pg 1 - 6

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