Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cassette Tuesday: Aerosmith "Toys In The Attic", 1975

Ok let's try something new
Cassette Tuesday
Back in 2000 when I bought my slightly used car it included a cassette player. 
I figure I had quite a few tapes so it wasn't a total lost plus living in the city
I didn't have to worry about someone stealing it.
I also made tapes from my CDs & LPs to play in my car.

First off let's go with 1975, Aerosmith "Toys In The Attic"
Since it's 40th Anniversary of "Toys In The Attic"
released on April 4, 1975

Funny story on the purchase of this tape which was around '79. In high school
which was an all boy catholic school that a classmate named David was always 
doing these get rich quick schemes.
Like taping a penny to the Columbia House membership
w/ a fake name taped to his mailbox so when he receives his tapes
he would write back & give them change of address so he never gets billed.
They did catch on later and his mother had him pay for the tapes.
He was selling them for a few dollars I forget how much but I know it wasn't much
no more than $5 each maybe even lower. So I purchased 2 or 3 tapes.
  I asked if he had "Toys In The Attic" which he didn't have
but promised me he will get one.
Well as you see on the cover binder is a sticker w/ a number and a faded stamp of our high school
on the cassette. Our school library had cassettes you couldn't take out but listen to w/ headphones
in the library. David worked in the school library so that's how he was able to get it.
Sad to say in later years he got in trouble for bigger reasons and last I saw of him
was at a Big Audio Dynamite concert so that was some time ago.
Around the past 10 years my high school has been closed and is now a Charter school.
Never knew what happen to David but I like to think he is in politics somewhere.

Well about the cassette. What can I say I like "Toys In The Attic," "No More No More," 
"Sweet Emotion," of course being a high schooler "Big Ten Inch Record" gave us a giggle
as we chugged our beer on a saturday night in my friend's cellar
and "You See Me Crying" actually the whole tape is excellent.

open panel

Inside Panel 

Side One 

Side Two
(faded high school named stamp on top of tape)

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