Saturday, May 2, 2015

1989, dec., Jon Butcher at The Channel, Boston, MA

I believe this is the last time I seen a concert at The Channel
before they closed up. Jon Butcher was promoting his new release 
"Pictures From The Front" album.
Also this is around the time Jon Butcher took a break
and changed music direction. A year or so later Jon started to sound like
Stevie Ray Vaughan in his new band Barefoot Servants which isn't bad but I really 
enjoyed his original style of music when Jon started out as Jon Butcher Axis.

I notice a number of the photos have a lot of lint and debris in the images.
The place that developed them is no longer around but I still have the negatives.
Maybe someday I'll get them professionally developed or maybe pick one or two good images.
Honestly I may only have one or two good images.

Pictures From The Front tour 1989
at The Channel, Boston, MA

"Division Street" from
Jon Butcher "Pictures From The Front" 1989

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