Friday, May 29, 2015

1996, Tyla "Responding.. To.. Auditory Hallucinations" collections of poems and song lyrics

Tyla formerly of Dogs D'Amour currently a solo performer
who also goes by the name of Tyla J. Pallas.
This collections of poems and song lyrics is about 62 pages from 1990 to 1992
titled "Responding.. To.. Auditory Hallucinations"
I believe this came out in 1996 from the inside back cover info.

Originally this came stapled but I ended up using a 3 hole puncher
and placed it in a plastic cover booklet.
All the pages are photocopies and some of the type are not that clear.
I picked a few poems from this publication for you to view.


pretty, pretty once
this was a song from The Dogs D'Amour
"...more uncharted heights of disgrace" CD

to the one who lost it all...

flowers of a brutal calling

yourself to blame

Inside Back Cover

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