Tuesday, July 7, 2015

1992, Blind Melon, cassette

Cassette Tuesday presents 1992 debut of
Blind Melon self titled release.

Blind Melon never recovered from their popular debut release
always being known for the 'dancing bee girl' in the "No Rain" video.
If people really listen to them they would of heard plenty of good tunes
on the next release "Soup".
Highly recommend "Soup" and "Nico" the latter was post Shannon Hoon
collection. Also 2 very good DVDs are
"Letters From a Porcupine" includes footage, interviews and songs by Blind Melon and 
"Live At The Metro" excellent concert.

Cover unfolded, pt 1

Cover continued unfolded pt 2

Inside Cover unfolded pt 1

Inside Cover continued unfolded pt 2

Side One

Side Two

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