Saturday, August 1, 2015

1995, sept., Upper Crust at Cambridge Square Fair

Cambridge Square Fair in Massachusetts is celebrated every September.
In 1995 I attended this open fair which they block off a number of streets to traffic so you can walk around w/ out worrying about getting run over by cars. They have all the businesses in the area 
come out and sell there wares. Certain streets had stages w/ entertainment. I remember one
stage they had a German polka going on. Another stage I seen local band Fuzzy perform.
Main attraction was local band Upper Crust who debuted their "Let Them Eat Rock" album
appeared on Conan O'Brien Late Show and you can hear them on an AC/DC tribute album "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" they cover "Back In Black".
I've seen Upper Crust a number of times and they put on a great show w/ the amazing Duc D'Istortion on guitar you can't help think of AC/DC.

Upper Crust actually started as The Titanics who put out one self titled album. 
Check youtube and listen to "Save A Bullet For Me". 
Of course later they formed a number of bands one time known as The Satanics then finally came Upper Crust.
 Upper Crust became 18th century aristocratic personalities talking w/ english accents and song titles like "Little Lord Fauntleroy",  "Minuet", "I've Got My Ascot 'n' My Dickie", "Friend of a Friend of the Working Class" to name a few.

Upper Crust 
Lord Rockingham - guitar & vocals
Lord Bendover - guitar & lead vocals
Duc D'Istortion - guitar & vocals
Jackie Kickassis - drums
Count Bassie of Marquis De Roque - bass

Even Cambridge Mayor Reeves w/ his sense of humor appeared on stage to give Upper Crust the key to the city.
(photos taken by myself & friend Chris)

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