Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1984, EBN-OZN - Feeling Cavalier, cassette

Cassette Tuesday presents
EBN-OZN who only put out one release
"Feeling Cavalier" in the mid 80's.
Ozn the blonde guy reminded me of a skinner version David Lee Roth.
They had 2 videos "AEIOU and Sometimes Y" and "Bag Lady (I Wonder)"
that includes old comedian Imogene Coca.

You can listen to the entire cassette available on Spotify

Latest update on EBN-OZN is... 
Ned "Ebn" Liben (Dark hair) died in New York 1998 of a heart attack. 
Ozn (Blonde hair )  known as Robert Ozn become a Hollywood script analyst, 
screenwriter and producer.

Ebn Ozn
 "Feeling Cavalier"


Inside Cover

Side 1

Side 2

Below YouTube video
"AEIOU and Sometimes Y" and "Bag Lady (I Wonder)"

"AEIOU and Sometimes Y"

"Bag Lady (I Wonder)"

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