Monday, October 12, 2015

1972, Circus, T. Rex

This issue of October 1972, Circus issue
I purchased at a Record Show sometime ago.
It included a full article on Alice Cooper that I posted on my 
evenspotspeaks blog listed link below

October 1972Circus cover

Unfortunately this issue had a number of pages and poster missing and some
pages w/ photos cut out.
I decided to post the whole issue in the next 11 days more or less.
This is the first time doing this I usually mix it up thinking if
bloggers have this issue they won't be interested until the next
publication I post. We'll see how it goes. Of course those
concerned about Cassette Tuesday don't fret I will still include it.
I like to get some feedback on this if possible. Good or bad.
Do you like to see the whole issue or have the post mixed
w/ each day an adventure?

The following article on T. Rex, Marc Bolan was missing some pages which I did find
on other websites to give you the complete article. So if some pages 
look different from others that's the reason. 

T. Rex
Pg 4 - 9

 1972, October, Circus

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