Tuesday, December 15, 2015

1992, Stone Temple Pilots - Core, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday presents
1992Stone Temple Pilots "Core", cassette.

Since the recent sad news of the passing of Scott Weiland I like to
spotlight STP's debut cassette.

I remember when I first saw STP "Plush" video on MTV. I couldn't help but notice the similarities
between this singer named Scott Weiland and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam
Not only the voice and sound but the way the camera shot 
Weiland as he was looking up at the camera the same way Vedder poses in his videos.
I remember at first STP getting a lot of flak as being Pearl Jam wannabes but in time
they won the viewers over. I always blamed it on the director trying to mimic Pearl Jam.
At that time every record label was trying to make Pearl Jam and Nirvana copy bands.
You couldn't throw a flannel shirt w/out hitting a Seattle band. It was like The Beatles
and all those Mercy Beat bands poping up.
I came to figure out Pearl Jam's "Ten" and STP's "Core" are both produced by Brendon O'Brien.
Brendon was one of the go to guy's for the "Seattle" sound.

During this time in '92 I was freelancing for 6 months as a graphic designer for this 
major supermarket corporation. My last day the co-workers in the graphics dept., presented
me a Strawberries Record Store Certificate. I purchased this cassette which later in time
I bought their following releases until they disbanded.
"Core" is my favorite STP recording w/ a number of these tracks being played on the radio
and videos. If you listen to the sound you hear a lot more than Pearl Jam. I read in an
interview w/ Weiland that he listened to a lot of classic rock albums from The Doors,
Alice Cooper and more. I heard these influences in a number of songs
even before I read that interview. I know on "Wet My Bed" reminds me of
Alice Cooper's "Alma Mater" on School's Out, 1972 LP. Alice sounds like he's speaking on the phone the same way Scott seemed influenced to do the same effect.


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush"

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