Sunday, January 31, 2016

1987, Kerrang!, MSG Ad, Deathvine Underground Metal Newz

McAuley Schenker Group 
full page AD
"Perfect Timing" is the first album by McAuley Schenker Group.
Robin McAuley (Grand Prix and Far Corporation)
Michael Schenkel (Scorpion and UFO)

Pg 44

Underground Metal Newz
Pg 16

Friday, January 29, 2016

1975, Circus Raves, Longplayers article

(Led Zeppelin, Rush, Isotope, Brian Friel,
and Authentic Sound Effects, Vol. 3)
Pg 53 - 54

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1978, Rocket, Flying Platters Reviews, Other Dimensions

Reviews section titled
Flying Platters

(Elvis Costello, Rick Danko, Phillip Goodhand-Tait,
Ramones, Leonard Cohen, The Chicken Chronicles,
Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel, Alan Price, Judy Collins,
Annie Hallam, Genesis)

Pg 74 - 75

Other Dimensions

more unusual albums such as
Leonard Nimoy, The Story of Star Wars,
Dolly Parton, Abbott & Costello, etc...

Pg 76

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1990, Iggy Pop - Brick By Brick, cassette

Cassette Tuesday presents
from 1990, Iggy Pop "Brick By Brick" cassette

First off great cover illustration by Charles Burns.
Produced by Don Was who was very popular during this time. Iggy has
a number of guests on this recording such as Slash, Duff McKagan of
Guns N' Roses, Kenny Aarnoff who played w/ everyone under the sun, 
Katie Pierson of B52, John Hiatt to name a few.
"Candy" was the hit off this recording. I included the youtube
at the end of this page.

I remember seeing this tour in Boston at the Citi club. I was pretty excited
about it cause the tape was good and found out Alice In Chains were the opening act.
My ticket said show starts at 7:30 so I met up w/ about 5 or 6 people at
a pizza joint and we ate before the show. When we head over to the club at about 7pm
which was only 5 minutes away we could hear Iggy singing thinking it was just the PA
playing some tunes. Come to find out they started early so we missed the whole opening band
Alice In Chains and maybe about 3 or 4 songs of Iggy! I was bummed out about that
but the show was good and Iggy was in his true form.

1990, Iggy Pop - "Brick By Brick"

Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Iggy Pop "Candy"

Sunday, January 24, 2016

1992-93, Australia, KISS Sacrifice, Volume 5, zine

I found the disc that had the rest of these KISS zines someone had
sent me sometime ago. I have 5 issues of Sacrifice and one
zine titled KISS Hell that I'll post in the future.
I did post Sacrifice #4 last December 11, 2015.

1992-93, Australia, KISS Sacrifice, Volume 5, zine