Friday, April 1, 2016

1988, Kerrang!, Tom Jones joins Black Sabbath

Now first off I'm not easily fooled. When I was a kid
growing up I remember hearing these stories on Alice Cooper 
like he bit off a chicken's head & sucked the blood out or he
drank a bucket full of puke or he stripped on stage. I knew Alice never did those things.
But I have to admit this following article on
Black Sabbath teaming up w/ Tom Jones had me fooled.
I remember when I first read this article in 1988
it had the sketches of the stage show and interviews w/
these artists. I knew the photo was a fake but I fell
for everything else. I figured they did a full 2 pages
on this story. Even years later I still believed it was at least talked about but never
happened. I even told this story to Mike D'Antonio of Killswitch Engage
back when we both worked together as graphic designers for a short time.
I was never able to correct him on this story.

You fooled me Kerrang! I salute you. Good show.
So here is the greatest April Fool story ever told

Black Sabbath and Tom Jones
Pg 6 - 7

 1988, April 2, Kerrang!

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