Tuesday, April 5, 2016

1992, Rollins Band - The End Of Silence, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday introduces 
1992, The Rollins Band "The End Of Silence" cassette.

A while back on Cassette Tuesday I talked about Wartime
a side project of some of these artists such as
Rollins, Andrew Weiss, Sim Cain.
"The End Of Silence" is my favorite Rollins Band recording.
"Low Self Opinion" and "What Do You Do" are my favorite tracks
from this cassette. "Blues Jam" is just an amazing number as well.
The cover art is the huge tattoo that graces Henry Rollins back.


Cover unfolded part 1

Cover unfolded part 2

Inside Cover unfolded part 1

Inside Cover unfolded part 2

Side 1

Side 2

Rollins Band - "Low Self Opinion"

Rollins Band - "What Do You Do"

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