Thursday, May 5, 2016

1980, Creem, past Creem covers, The Way They Were section

This issue of The Best of CREEM was 
10 Years of Rock N' Roll
Special Collector's Edition

I purchased this issue at a record show so this used issue 
has some pages that have images cut out. Not many 
I believe it was about 2 or 3 pages may have a hole in it.

This issue shows a number of past CREEM covers
including the inside cover shows a number of past issues.

CREEM covers
Inside cover

past CREEM covers
Pg 6

This looks like some type of Blues Brothers promotion
Pg 51

Pg 54
Cover art by Robert Crumb

The Way They Were
(Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, MC5, Blondie,
David Bowie, Lou Reed, 
Pete Townshend and more)

(This is one of the section that was cut out)
Pg 7 - 10

 1980, Fall, The Best Of CREEM

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