Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1988, Wall Of Voodoo - The Ugly Americans In Australia*, cassette

Cassette Tuesday presents from 1988
Wall Of Voodoo "The Ugly Americans In Australia*"

Original vocalist Stan Ridgway left for a solo career after the bands
biggest hit "Mexican Radio" on 1982 "Call Of The West" album.
Andy's first album w/ Wall Of Voodoo is "Seven Days In Sammystown" 1985.
 "The Ugly Americans In Australia*" is Wall Of Voodoo's third release 
w/ their new vocalist Andy Prieboy. As you see the "*" at the end
of the title means those songs are from Bullhead City, Arizona.
Some of these songs I enjoy the live version such as
"Wrong Way To Hollywood", "Blackboard Sky" that is
my favorite. Andy cover's Ridgway's version of the hit
"Mexican Radio" and Johnny Cash cover "Ring Of Fire
that was done on Wall Of Voodoo's first EP.
Another thing I like on "The Ugly Americans In Australia*"
is the cover art which is done by iconic artist Robert Williams
who also did the original cover that was banned on
Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" art.

I really enjoyed Andy's vocals as much as Stan's. Although they are
2 different singers this made me appreciate them both as artists.
I still bought Wall Of Voodoo albums as well as Stan Ridgway solo albums.
I did see Stan Ridgway live twice in concert unfortunately never got to see Wall Of Voodoo.

"Wrong Way To Hollywood" Youtube at bottom of page.

Wall Of Voodoo "The Ugly Americans In Australia*", cassette

Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Wall Of Voodoo - "Wrong Way To Hollywood"

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