Tuesday, June 28, 2016

1986, Robert Cray - Strong Persuader, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday brings us the Blues
w/ Robert Cray "Strong Persuader" cassette.

I was introduced to Robert Cray by a co-worker back in 1986.
She was a Blues fan during that time and had me listen to
this new release by Robert Cray titled "Strong Persuader"
I really liked it and ended up purchasing the cassette later on I got the CD.

"Strong Persuader" was Cray's 5th release. May be 4th if you don't count
his previous release "Showdown" which was a collaboration w/
Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland. Another great release
w/ 2 other Blues guitarist.

"Strong Persuader" was Robert Cray's break out release. 
"Smoking Gun" was the single but I heard other songs just as good.
YouTube video at end of this page.
I would say no bad song on this recording some of my other favorites
and these are hard to choose are "I Guess I Showed Her", "Right Next
Door (Because of Me)", "I Wonder" just to name a few.
I definitely recommend the whole album.

Robert Cray "Strong Persuader" cassette
Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Robert Cray - "Smoking Gun"

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