Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1987, MDC Millions Of Damn Christians, This Bloods For You, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we go Punk w/
MDC Millions Of Damn Christians, "This Bloods For You" cassette from 1987.

Usually MDC stands for Millions of Dead Cops a punk band originated in Texas. 
MDC played around w/ their initials sometimes w/ titles such as Multi-Death Corporations,
Millions of Dead Children,  Metal Devil Coke, Magnus Dominus Corpus to name a few.

"Millions Of Damn Christians" does have a title printed on the cover "This Bloods For You"
although it isn't listed on the cassette label but in discographies it may be listed as "This Bloods For You". All the songs are pretty short an one of my favorites is a 12 second political "Henry Kissmyassinger".

Being raised as an Italian Catholic I have enough guilt growing up but never felt
intimidated by MDC's songs and beliefs. I know what they stand for and 
wasn't surprised by the lyrics. Hell! It's Punk! What do you expect. Of course you play it
at your own discretion. I mean it's not when the whole family is over opening Christmas gifts.
It's common sense well all I can say is...Henry Kissmyassinger.

1987, MDC Millions Of Damn Christians, "This Bloods For You", cassette


Cover Unfolded

Inside Cover

Inside Cover Unfolded

Side A

Side B

Complete cassette of MDC - Millions Of Damn Christians here

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