Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1990, Uncle Sam "Letters From London" cassette

Cassette Tuesday we look at one of my favorite bands
that should of made it big like Guns N Roses that is
known as Uncle Sam from New York.

Sophomore release "Letters From London" has some changes in the band members.
Original vocalist Scott Cessna left and former bass player moved into lead vocals Dave Gentner
new bass player Bill Purol and new drummer Jeff Mann

So the new line up is:
drummer JEFF MANN, bass BILL PUROL

Getting more press in England Kerrang! was the magazine that introduced me to Uncle Sam. This cassette contains songs from their adventures in the UK like  'Letters From London' and 'Lexington Blues'. Some of my other favorite tracks are 'Red Shirt', 'Whiskey Slick', 'Ain't No Valentino' and 'Good Bye Mr. Mary'

I included 2 youtube songs from this cassette at the bottom of page.

The CD version has more images and included song lyrics than the cassette which I have
posted back on  February 19, 2015

1990, Uncle Sam "Letters From London" cassette
(blank on the backside)

Side 1

Side 2

Uncle Sam - "Whiskey Slick"

Uncle Sam - "Letters From London"

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