Friday, July 1, 2016

1988, Kerrang!, Pandora Peroxide, Recordz review

Finishing up on Kerrang! April 2, 1988 in the next two days.
Today will be Pandora Peroxide comic strip and Recordz review.

Pandora Peroxide
Pg 46

(Rocky Hill, Dirty Looks, Pantera, Ded Engine,
Cellarful of Noise, Will And The Kill,
 Chrome Molly,
The Church, UFO, Bulldozer
Also includes Singlez from Zodiac Mindwarp, Nobody's Fool, 
Love and Rockets, Boulevard, Steel Crown)

Pg 16 - 17, pg 19(?), pg 21

half page Iron Maiden AD
at bottom of page

Status Quo AD

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