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1989, Dogs D’Amour - “King of The Thieves”, cassette

Cassette Tuesday is one of my favorite bands Dogs D'Amour that I got introduced to
from 1980's Kerrang! Magazine that included a flexi-disc.

Today we are talking about
1989, Dogs D'Amour - King Of The Thieves”, cassette

In 1984 Dogs D’Amour debut released “The State We’re In” on Kumibeat Records which was a completely different band from the most popular line up that was to follow.  After a few years singer Tyla of Dogs D’Amour brought in new band members and was signed to China Records. This was the band that made the classical line up we all will soon know. Their debut w/ China Records was  “In the Dynamite Jet Saloon”, “King Of The Thieves” was the 3rd release. It took me a long time to find the “The State We’re In” and even then it was a CD-R version. After listening to it I really enjoyed the classical line up I come to know and love. “In the Dynamite Jet Saloon”, “King Of The Thieves” and others to follow remind me of early Rolling Stones or Faces. Tyla w/ his drunken swagger lyrics inspired by Charles Bukowski.

Released in States as “King Of The Thieves” it was known as “Errol Flynn” in the U.K. Same art work different title. Speaking of art work Tyla does all the covers of Dogs D’Amour releases.
All of “King Of The Thieves” tracks are good but some that stand out are “Drunk Like Me”, “Hurricane”, “Errol Flynn”, “Princess Valium”, “Ballad Of Jack”
Of course posted at end of the page some YouTube videos from “King of The Thieves” cassette.

Dogs D’Amour played together until ‘93 then split up. They come back together from time to time to release an album. Another thing that’s very interesting about Dogs D’Amour is they may release an EP or another version of their album say an acoustic version w/ some extra bonus tracks. I remember Tyla saying in an interview that he would drive China Records crazy by releasing alternative records. But such an artist Tyla is he has plenty of music in him that he wants to produce and share w/ the fans. When Dogs D’Amour split up Tyla went solo which didn’t slow him down at all. He kept on producing recordings and alternative versions. When Tyla turned 50 he took the name of his father and is now known as Tyla J. Pallas.
Whatever name he uses Tyla always amazes me w/ his lyrics and music but I will always enjoy Dogs D’Amour during the China Record years.

If you type in Dogs D'Amour in the search box you will see I posted a number of articles and even a CD review on one of their later CDs.

You can check them out at

Dogs D'Amour - King Of The Thieves”, cassette


Cover Unfolded

Inside Cover Unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

“Drunk Like Me”

“Ballad Of Jack”

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