Tuesday, July 5, 2016

1992, Too Much Joy - Mutiny, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday focuses on alternative rockers
Too Much Joy "Mutiny" cassette.

This New York band started in 1987 but I haven't heard of them until
this 1992 release of "Mutiny". I remember I was freelancing in Burlington
and heard "Parachute" on the alternative radio station. During this time I was really into 
alternative music. I believe I wrote down the band and song title when it was announced
right away while driving. The handwriting  was legible enough for me to read afterwards.
Too Much Joy were like They Might Be Giants or Barenaked Ladies only more rock.
"Donna Everywhere" was the single of this recording but the whole recording is great.
During this time I've became a fan and purchased Too Much Joy back catalog. 
I even  mail ordered a Too Much Joy VHS collection of videos and concert clips.
I also seen them live during their 1996 release "...finally".

1992, Too Much Joy "Mutiny" cassette

Cover Unfolded part 1

Cover Unfolded part 2

Inside Cover Unfolded part 1

Inside Cover Unfolded part 2

Side 1

Side 2

Too Much Joy - "Parachute"

Too Much Joy - "Donna Everywhere"
(there is an official video on youtube but the quality is pretty poor as well
as the audio. But if you are interested it's still available to view on youtube)

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