Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1992, Bob Geldof - The Happy Club, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we introduce Boomtown Rats vocalist Bob Geldof
in his third solo release "The Happy Club". 

I am not really familiar w/ this release the only reason picked it up I seen it in the bargain bin. 
There are a few good tunes
but not as good as any Boomtown Rats songs. From what I gather the title track
"The Happy Club" appears later years in the 1998 "The Parent Trap" soundtrack.
Listen to YouTube link at bottom of page.
From what I found online 3 other singles have been released from this
cassette "Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee)", "My Hippy Angel", "Yeah, Definitely".

Bob Geldof - "The Happy Club", cassette


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Bob Geldof - "The Happy Club"

Monday, August 29, 2016

1974, Hit Parader, Rock & Roll Hotline, Maggie Bell

Rock & Roll Hotline
(news on Bad Company, Paul Simon, Maggie Bell,
Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, George Harrison, 
Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren, David Bowie and more)

Pg 16 - 17

Maggie Bell
Pg 26 - 29

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

1983, Creem Close - Up: Metal Music, Queen, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk

Finishing up on this 1983 Creem Close - Up: Metal Music issue.

Pg 8 - 9

pg 9

pg 8

Ted Nugent
Pg 16 - 17

Grand Funk
Pg 32

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1982, Kerrang!, Scott Gorham article and Kilowatt section featuring Brian Robertson

This 1982 Kerrang! issue is from a PDF file so some of the colors may be off.
This issue has 2 articles that talk to two Thin Lizzy members
first one is cover feature w/ Scott Gorham the 2nd article is from a section titled 
Kilowatt that talks to Brian Robertson.

PDFs may be hard to read so drag the images onto your desktop for full size.

Scott Gorham
Pg 4 - 6

featuring Brian Robertson
Pg 26 - 27

 1982, Feb 11-24, Kerrang! - PDF format

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1988, Tracy Chapman debut, cassette

Cassette Tuesday we go back to 1988
 Tracy Chapman self-titled debut cassette.

I remember when the single "Fast Car" came out.
The video was also popular on VH1
This was a very popular song for this folk singer.
This cassette was Chapman's one hit wonder.
Although she has kept on producing more recordings and tours
she just couldn't beat the debut single.

 Tracy Chapman - "Tracy Chapman" cassette.


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car"

Monday, August 22, 2016

1975, Creem, Yvonne Elliman photo spread, Records review

Yvonne Elliman 
photo spread
Pg 42 - 43

(reviews Bob Dylan and The Band, Troggs,
Ron Wood, ZZ Top, Eric Burdon Band, Betty Wright,
George McRae, David Cassidy, Jefferson Starship,
Edgar Winter, Charles Mingus, Fugs, The Guess Who,
Be-Bop Deluxe, Mahogany Rush, Mike Greene, Bee Gees,
James Brown, Thundermug, Roger McGuinn & Band,
Felix Cavaliere, Gino Vannelli, The Who)

Pg 64 - 70