Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1989, Deadringer - 'Electrocution Of The Heart', cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we go a bit obscure w/ former members of
Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult called 
Deadringer 'Electrocution Of The Heart' cassette.

I found this at Strawberries Records. It's funny how I remember certain purchases.
Deadringer members are drummer Neal Smith and bass player Dennis Dunaway of the original Alice Cooper band. 

Joe Bouchard on keyboards of Blue Oyster Cult plus two other musicians Charlie Huhn on lead vocals who played with Ted Nugent on a few albums and on Gary Moore’s “Dirty Fingers” among other bands. Jay ‘Jesse’ Johnson on guitar who played in Arc Angel and a number of other bands. All of them worked on backing vocals. Neal co-wrote four songs and Dennis three on those songs.
Buck Dharma (from BOC and solo lp ‘Flat Out’) gave them “Summa Cum Loud” which is probably the only good song on this album. I’ve played this tape a number of times trying to get into it but only like a few songs. I don’t hear any hints of the Alice Cooper sound. Some songs remind me of Twister Sister, BOC and “When You’re In You’re In” brings to mind of AC/DC. The only post-Alice Cooper project I really liked is ‘Battle Axe’ by Billion Dollar Babies that included 3 original members of the original Alice Cooper band.

1989, Deadringer 'Electrocution Of The Heartcassette

Cover unfolded pt1

Cover unfolded pt2

Inside Cover unfolded pt1

Inside Cover unfolded pt2

Side 1

Side 2

Deadringer - 'Summa Cum Loud'

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