Tuesday, November 29, 2016

1982, Adrian Gurvitz - Classic, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we go AOR 
w/ Adrian Gurvitz "Classic" cassette from 1982.

Now this is a round about way I got into Adrian Gurvitz.
It started w/ listening to my brother's Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues
solo album titled "Paradise Ballroom" featuring Adrian Gurvitz.
I thought and still do love that album I even got one for myself then years later purchased the CD.
In the meantime I kept tabs on Adrian Gurvitz and started to collect a few of his past bands
like Baker Gurvitz Army which includes Ginger Baker and some of Adrian Gurvitz solo albums.
In 1968 Adrian Gurvitz first started out in Gun w/ his brother Paul Gurvitz who still appears 
w/ him. Gun had a big hit w/ "Race With The Devil" that a number of bands covered such as
Judas Preist, Girlschool, Black Oak Arkansas.
"Classic" was Adrian's 4th solo album which I believe was the most popular.
Of course his brother Paul Gurvitz was co-producer w/ Adrian.
I bought the album and happen to find the cassette in the used bin so 
I purchased it to play in my car. Unfortunately the tape is worn and the CD
is very expensive so I just have the vinyl to enjoy until maybe they reissue the CD.
The title song was the hit off this recording. "Classic" can be seen at the end of this page from YouTube.  Some of the other songs from this cassette that I like are "Breakdown", 
"Hello New York", but this album is my favorite from his solo career.
Adrian does a lot of writing for other artists such as Eddie Money, Steve Perry,
Chicago, Aaron Neville and many more that I didn't even know.

1982, Adrian Gurvitz "Classic"
(a promotion copy note the hole over Adrian's name)


Inside Cover
(the vinyl has the lyrics on the record sleeve)

Side 1

Side 2

Adrian Gurvitz "Classic

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