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1986, Lyle Lovett - Lyle Lovett, cassette

Cassette Tuesday we go back to the debut release of
1986 Lyle Lovett self-titled cassette.

I got into Lyle Lovett in 1989 when his third release
Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. This made me
go back into his catalog which was only 2 past releases.
Lyle Lovett reminds me of a country version of Tom Waits.
That's lyric wise not vocals. Lyle's songs are little short stories w/ some 
off beat humor. You can't help but smile when you listening to Lyle's lyrics.
Lyle Lovett self-titled is a more stripped down version
compared to his Large Band. There are still some horns and background
vocals but not as much on this debut.
This is a very good release of Lyle songs such as my favorites
"God Will", "Why I Don't", "You Can't Resist It",
"The Waltzing Fool", and "An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy". Matter of fact if you 
listen to "Why I Don't" and "An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy" 
it sounds it could be in his Large Band release.

1986, Lyle Lovett self-titled, cassette


Inside Cover

Side 1

Side 2

"Why I Don't"

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2010, Goldmine, The Doors DVD AD, The Doors Documentary

The Doors 
Pg 2

The Doors Documentary
"When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors"
Pg 37, pg 40 - 41

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1982, Creem, Vanity 6 pic, August Darnell (Kid Creole)

 Vanity 6
full page pic
Pg 33

August Darnell 
of Kid Creole and The Coconuts
Pg 32, pg 58 - 59