Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1983, Hiroshima - Third Generation, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we go into some
Asian American Jazz Fusion w/
1983Hiroshima - "Third Generation" cassette.

This is Hiroshima's 3rd recording from 1983 their debut came out in '79.
Interesting search I found about Hiroshima is they started out in 1974
and they are still performing today w/ 3 of the original band.
I actually seen their video on BET channel back in '83
when a number of stations played videos. BET for those
who are unfamiliar is the Black Entertainment Television.
BET played a lot of cool videos Rick James, Prince, Cameo, Michael Jackson
when he was good. Hiroshima "Third Generation" release was very popular
I even remember a friend from college talking about them. There was a video for
"Heavenly Angel" but couldn't find it on youtube but I did place
at bottom of page the audio. Also "We Are" is another good track
"Fifths" and "Distant Thoughts" are just excellent.
Well the whole recording is good. I did buy 3 more of their recordings
but "Third Generation" is my favorite.

The cassette was pretty limited on art, credits and listings.
The only thing it includes are the track list.

1983, Hiroshima - "Third Generation" cassette

(blank on other side of cover)

Side 1

Side 2

Hiroshima "Third Generation", full album 1983

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