Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1989, Pixies - Doolittle, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we are going w/ one of the most
influential alternative/punk band Pixies "Doolittle" cassette from 1989.

"Doolittle" is Pixie's second album and I would say the most popular
recording from them. Pixie being well known as a local band in Boston, MA. 
Original band was Black Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Joey Santiago (lead guitar),
Kim Deal (bass, vocals), and David Lovering (drums).
Black Francis later changed his name to Frank Black who created a number of solo recordings
as well as Kim Deal who formed The Breeders. Pixies regrouped for a short time then Kim Deal left again to be replaced twice w/ another female bass and vocalist.
"Doolittle" holds a number of hits and more. Two singles released were "Here Comes Your Man",
and "Monkey Gone To Heaven".  "Wave Of Mutilation" later appeared on soundtrack "Pump Up The Volume". Two of my favorites are "Debaser" and "Hey". Hearing the Pixies you can tell
Nirvana's being influenced by Black Francis as well as another Boston band singer J Masics of Dinosaur Jr. Cobain even mentions a number of times how these two bands influenced Nirvana.
"Doolittle" is my favorite release by Pixies and I had the opportunity to see them perform this
on this tour back in '89.

1989, Pixies "Doolittle", cassette


continued Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2


Monkey Gone To Heaven

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