Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1991, Havana 3a.m., cassette

Cassette Tuesday we talk about the 1991 debut of Havana 3a.m.

Being a fan of Gary Myrick from his New Wave days of Gary Myrick & The Figures and then solo career Gary Myrick from his hits "I'm Not A Number", "She Talks In Stereo
and "Message Is You". I accidentally came across this cassette. I knew little of this band at first.
Havana 3a.m. was a band formed by Paul Simonon (former bassist of The Clash),
Nigel Dixon (former lead singer of Whirlwind), Gary Myrick guitarist (former
Gary Myrick & The Figures and then solo career Gary Myrick). Drummer Travis Williams
they found by a newspaper announcement. Havana 3a.m. styles a mix of
rockabilly, latin, reggae and punk influences. Havana 3a.m. took
their name from the title of a 1950s album by Perez Prado.
This debut release was the only release that included 12 original tracks
written by Simonon/Myrick/Dixon. This was also recorded in Tokyo.
"Reach the Rock" was the only video release. See youtube at end of this page.
In 1993 singer Nigel Dixon died of cancer pretty much ended the band. Simonon 
concentrated on his art career.
In 1996 Gary Myrick reformed the band w/ all new members and called
it Gary Myrick and Havana 3am releasing "Texas Glitter & Tombstone Tales".

1991, Havana 3a.m. self titled debut cassette
It is told that bassist Paul Simonon's girlfriend at the time posed for this cover.


Cover unfolded

Inside Cover unfolded

Side 1

Side 2

"Reach the Rock"

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