Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1995, Pretty & Twisted, cassette

Cassette Tuesday is starting off the New Year of 2017 
w/ a 1995 Pretty & Twisted self-titled cassette.

Pretty & Twisted a one off band
that was a side project from 2 great bands of the 80's
Johnette Napolitano singer of Concrete Blonde
and Marc Moreland guitarist of Wall of Voodoo.
Sad news Marc passed on in 2002.

I purchased this cassette when it was released. I read it somewhere of
the collaboration of these two musicians who's bands I listen to all the time.
I tried to find this on CD but it's very expensive and out of print.

"Ride" video was the first release which actually wasn't a favorite of mine. 
I liked most of the cassette. The songs are written by Johnette Napolitano.
Some are w/ Marc Moreland and there is a cover of Roxy Music "Mother of Pearl".
"Come Away With Me" is a poem written by Janis Joplin
one of Napolitano's heroes to the music written by Johnette Napolitano.
"Singing Is Fire" is another poem by Charles Bukowski arranged
to the music written by Johnette and Marc.
 Johnette also collaborated w/ Paul Westerberg on "Stranger".
One of my favorite tracks is "Souvenir" which I just love her vocals.
I posted this song below from a YouTube video I believe a fan created.

1995, Pretty & Twisted, cassette


Cover opened panels

Inside cover opened panels

Side 1

Side 2

Pretty & Twisted "Souvenir"

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