Monday, January 16, 2017

2002, hm, Craving Theo, Pick of The Litter reviews

Here's the first posting of 
hm The Hard Music Magazine
This is the only issue I purchased because of the Alice Cooper
feature article that is posted on my EvenSpotSpeaks blog.
So this magazine is new to me and come to find out
it's a Christian Rock publication. Although they cover
a lot of metal bands mostly Christian bands among some others.
Have to be honest a lot of bands I never heard before so
you are not alone.

I believe hm stopped the print issues in 2011
but still continue only as an on line publication.

The print is small so drag image onto your desktop
to get full page size.

Craving Theo
Pg 20

Pick of The Litter 
(reviews The Beautiful Mistake, Engraved, Crutch,
Lament, Tribus, and many more)

Pg 62 - 63

 2002, March/April, hm The Hard Music Magazine

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