Monday, January 30, 2017

2015, Original Album Classics of Pretty Maids, review

One thing about Pretty Maids in the States is you don’t see any articles about them. Well this is before the internet. Now you can find info on just about any band but pre-internet searching for bands that were not in media or public eye you had to know where to search such as reading the U.K. publications such as KERRANG! that I loved back in the 80’s. Also underground album catalogs you may find in the back of music magazines. My first Pretty Maids vinyl album was their second release “Future World” that I always played now and then. Recently I was just going through my vinyl collection and pulled out “Future World” and it made me wonder what is up w/ Pretty Maids. I admitt I forgot about them until I notice the new release “Kingmaker”. So it made me search amazon which I purchased the Original Album Classics of Pretty Maids. I could just listen to them on Spotify but old fashion I need something physical to hold on to and read the credits plus always enjoy the artwork. Unfortunately CDs are a lot smaller than vinyl. Another reason I like a hard copy is you don’t know if Spotify is going to change or drop an artist or even have the artist drop out of Spotify like Neil Young. 

Original Album Classics of Pretty Maids first 5 albums from 1984 to 1993 released in 2015. This is a very inexpensive collection for about $15 on amazon. It’s just the 5 albums no bonus tracks, no booklet. Each CD is a single sleeve w/ original front and back cover art. Unfortunately some of the credits are in small copy that is hard to read. Each CD looks the same w/ only the album title on each disc.

Each CD looks the same w/ only the album title on each disc.

The debut CD “Red, Hot and Heavy” includes 6 members of the band. It seemed almost each release they lose a member to finally ending up w/ 2 original members. The debut CD I like and enjoy the cover of Thin Lizzy “Little Darling” which I read a while back they are Thin Lizzy fans. 

Future World” that I actually have on vinyl. I remember reading a rave review in KERRANG! back in the day. I consider this my favorite Pretty Maids album. They even dedicated the album to Phil Lynott. 

Third is “Jump The Gun” which is ok. I seem to just like a few songs. I may have to go back to it a few more times. Produced by Deep Purple Roger Glover and was the most expensive album to date in Denmark. It was also noted as an over produced album. Lead singer Ron Atkins said this was his least favorite album.

Fourth is “Sin-Decade” by this time only 2 members of Pretty Maids are left singer Ronnie Atkins and guitarist Ken Hammer. Both Atkins and Hammer wrote the songs for this album. They also covered another Thin Lizzy song “Please Don’t Leave Me”. Filling out the band was drummer Michael Fast and bass Kenn Jackson. It's not as good as the first 2 releases but I like this better than "Jump The Gun".
It took me a while to find the title “Sin-Decade” on the cover. It happens to be on the left side on what looks like a type of awning over a throne.  Things you miss when the art shrinks down from a vinyl album to CD cover art.

Fifth is “Stripped” an “unplugged” album includes some new songs and 2 covers. Pretty Maids rework Thin Lizzy “Please Don’t Leave Me” both versions very good and “39” by Queen. Last song “Savage Heart” is a reworked version that is much better than their “Jump The Gun” album. “Stripped” really shows off Ronnie Atkins vocals.

In closing this was a good purchase of 5 CDs by Pretty Maids that I will enjoy.

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