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2015, Doro "World Gone Wild", box set review

2015, Doro "World Gone Wild", box set includes the 6 recordings on CDs by Doro. From “Force Majeure” to “Machine II Machine” and “Live” CD that was also released on VHS back in ’93.
I have “Force Majeure” on vinyl and thought this would be a good time to update my Doro collection. Just like the Warlock box set this was created the same way w/ a very good secure box that holds all 6 CDs in their original cover art in individual sleeves. Also a very good booklet that gives you history of Doro. It continues from her time after Warlock. If you don’t have that box set I suggest get Warlock "I Rule The Ruins", box set while it’s still available you won’t be disappointed. 

1st CD “Force Majeure” that I have on vinyl so I was familiar w/ the songs. This CD includes from the last Warlock record Tommy Henrikesen on bass and producer Joey Balin. Includes 2 bonus tracks “Für Immer” (live) and “I Rule The Ruins”. It’s a good solo release and sort of takes off a little from “Triumph And Agony” and not a dramatic change some performers do when they turn solo.

2nd CD titled “Doro” produced by Gene Simmons of KISS. Gene Simmons produced a lot of albums in those days and I have to say I liked his production of Wendy O’Williams album. This was the first time I heard this CD so it’s new to me and have to say it really is one of my favorites. Gene makes this CD really rock and Doro’s vocals are just superb. Doro admits she was a big KISS fan and asked Gene to produce her album. Gene brought along Tommy Thayer and Pat Regan. Pat and Gene also produced Black ‘N Blue which was Thayer’s band. “Doro” included some covers such as “I Had Too Much To Dream” by Electric Prunes, “Rock On” by Black ‘N Blue, “Only You” by KISS (Elder album), “I’ll Be Holding On” sung by Greg Allman from ’89 ‘Black Rain‘ movie. Also “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Gene Simmons was a demo from KISS’sHot In The Shade” period which final version came out on Doro’s album. Doro’s backing band are all new players beside Tommy Thayer and Pat Regan is Chuck Wright on bass from Quiet Riot. This is one of my favorite CD from this collection. No bonus track on this CD.

3rd CD “True At Heart” produced by Barry Beckett was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. All the songs written by Doro w/ collaboration mostly w/ Nashville guitarist Gary Scruggs among others. Also Doro has a large backing band on this recording that includes a few ballads. When I first seen recorded in Nashville I thought some type of country album but this isn’t the case. Doro seems to go more radio friendly songs. It’s big difference from her previous heavy metal “Doro”. I thought this was pretty good recording for this style. “Gettin’ Nowhere Without You” and “Know You By Heart” are my favorite ballads on this CD. This show’s a softer side of Doro I don’t think you would be disappointed in listening to her vocals.

4th CD “Angels Never Die” produced by Jack Ponti and Vic Pepe who worked on Alice Cooper’sHey Stoopid” song in ’91. Another Alice related item is guitarist Ryan Roxie as one of studio musicians on this album. As soon as I heard the first track it sounds so much like Alice’s “Hey Stoopid” album w/ that hair metal commercial sound.

5th CD “Live” is the audio version of the VHS concert that was available during this time. Doro covers songs from Warlock to her solo career. 
Excellent versions of these songs live. It sounds so much heavier than the studio versions. A few ballads in the middle of the set. Doro’s backing band has some history in metal w/ Britny Fox/Waysted drummer Johnny Dee, another Waysted/Tyketto keyboard/guitarist Jimmy DiLella, former Lita Ford guitarist Joe Taylor, and bassist Nick Douglas. One bonus track ballad “In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz”.

6th CD ends this box set in ’95 “Machine II Machine” produced again by Jack Ponti. Doro’s guests include Earl Slick and The Cars Elliott Easton on guitar. This is also a pretty good CD as Doro sort of experiments in different sounds but still some heavy songs and her vocals is always top notch. I like this better than “Angels Never Die”.
2 bonus tracks “You Got Me Singing” and “Dirty Diamonds” (not the Alice Cooper song).

Another great purchase I'm very happy to get caught up w/ Doro.

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