Sunday, February 12, 2017

2015, Warlock "I Rule The Ruins", box set review

2015, Warlock "I Rule The Ruins", box set includes the only 4 recordings on CDs by Warlock. I got into Warlock at the end of their career when I heard their last album “Trumph And Agony”. But through the years I have heard songs from their early albums. 
I took the opportunity to purchase this box set that includes the entire Warlock recordings.
The box set comes in a very secure box that includes the 4 CDs in cardboard sleeves w/ front and back original cover art and credits. Don’t worry about the small print on the CD because this includes a cool booklet that gives you the history of Warlock and list credits in the booklet. A few small pictures scattered through the booklet. The only bonus tracks are on the second Warlock CD “Hellbound” that includes 5 bonus tracks.

The first 2 CDs “Burning The Witches” and “Hellbound” are the best recordings by Warlock the original band lead vocals Doro, guitars Peter Szigeti and Rudy Graf, bass Frank Rittel and drums Michael Eurich.
Then of course when the label executives start putting their hands into it they screw it up by suggesting they get rid of guitarist Rudy Graf
Like every business the higher ups listen to people on the outside and not the employees who work for the company. Like Doro said “It was really a sign that people who weren’t directly concerned with the band were making decisions on our behalf”.
True As Steel” to me seemed not as good as the first 2 CDs. There were a number of good tracks it just seemed to lack something. I don’t know if it had anything to do w/ new guitarist Niko.

By the time the 4th release Warlock had a different manager who lived in the States and wanted Warlock to move. By this time the Doro and drummer Michael Eurich moved to the U.S. w/ Niko. They picked up 2 American musicians Tommy Bolan on guitar and Tommy Henriksen on bass. If Tommy Henriksen sound familiar he now plays w/ Alice Cooper’s band for sometime now. During this time “Trumph And Agony” was pretty much a Doro solo project but kept the Warlock name. This was the album that got the most air and video play. It also made it to the U.S. charts. 

The art cover of this box set is from “Trumph And Agony” album as well as the title “I Rule The Ruins” a song from this album. It shows how popular this last recording of Warlock is known to the public.
In all a very good collection of Warlock’s entire collection.  
I also purchased DoroWorld Gone Wild” box set which I’ll review later on.

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