Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016, Mother Love Bone - On Earth As It Is: The Complete Works review

One of my best purchase at the end of last year is
Mother Love Bone - "On Earth As It Is: The Complete Works" CD/DVD

2016 new Box Set of Mother Love Bone "On Earth As It Is: The Complete Works", 
includes 3 CDs, 1 DVD, 24 pg booklet w/ song lyrics and photos.

Mother Love Bone was only around for a short time after the death of Andrew Wood they
 disbanded and 2 members formed Pearl Jam. Also Temple Of The Dogs was a tribute
 band to Andrew Wood lead by his friend and roommate Chris Cornell.

This Box Set contains MLB only released debut album "Apple" and "Shine" EP on one CD.
Second and Third CD contains B-sides, Alternative versions, Demos and Unreleased songs.
Also one MLB song covered by Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam live in 2011.

DVD is "Love Bone Earth Affair" first time on DVD. I had this on VHS so I'm glad they
 reissued it on DVD. It's only about 30 minutes interview w/ Andrew Wood and the band but
 very informative on how they band formed. 3 Bonus videos includes "Captain Hi Top
video which is also in the documentary. The other 2 videos are live performances one is 
a Queen cover of "I'm In Love With My Car". A hidden bonus on the DVD is an audio full
 concert 10 songs "Live from Dallas" 1989. You can download it on to your iTunes 
and burn it on a CD-R which I did as well.

The booklet is 24 pages of lyrics from the 2 recordings. Photos of the band and credits. 
I was hoping a bit more info maybe one of the members of the band writing an intro 
but I guess if you watch the documentary it pretty much covers it.

The Box Set itself is very well designed and sturdy. The Disc slide in their own CD sleeves
 that open to display a spread shot of the band.

Very happy w/ the purchase. I enjoyed all the audios, videos and as a graphic designer
great packaging.

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