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My Not So Favorite To Favorite Who Albums

This is the first time I am listing one of my favorite bands albums. I don't like to call it 'worst to best' cause I do enjoy all The Who albums just in different degrees. So I like to call it 'My Not So Favorite To Favorite' Who albums. Now this is just a blog from a schumuck who can't even tune a triangle let alone carry a tune. I do enjoy music ever since I was a little kid who started listening to my older sister's albums from The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, The Who and many more when these albums came out as first vinyl releases. What I'm saying my opinion means nothing to anyone but myself and you agree it just means we have the same taste in music. 

My Not So Favorite To Favorite Who Albums

Endless Wire (2006) - sounds like half Who and half Townshend solo material. I only liked a few songs such as ‘Mike Post Theme’ and if I never heard them it wouldn’t be missed at all. The Who should of ended after “Face Dances”.

It’s Hard (1982) - the second album release w/out Keith Moon. Sister album to “Face Dances’ which is much better than this one. Only a few songs I like such as Why Did I Fall For That’, ‘Cry If You Want’, and ‘Eminence Front’ the latter to some Who fans don’t consider this a Who song but it’s one of my favorites from this album.

My Generation (1965) - not bad for debut I mean “My Generation” it’s a classic and many bands use it as a template. A few cover songs on this album but good for a debut they just produced many good albums after this one.

Live At Leeds (1970) - I notice this album is always in The Who discography even if it’s a live album. Now I’m going by the original version since I first heard it from my older sister’s album collection. This album only has 6 songs. Side 1 has 4 songs 3 covers and only one song ‘Substitute’ by The Who. “Summertime Blues” I know many Who fans love it but I just never cared for it. Side 2 includes 2 Who tracks ‘My Generation’ at 14:45 and ‘Magic Bus’ at 7:57 minutes.

Face Dances (1981) - not bad for a band that lost a very popular drummer. Kenny Jones does a capable job just not Moon. The Who jumps into the 80’s pop rock w/ a few good songs I like “You Better You Bet”. Entwistle’s ‘The Quiet One’ sung by John and ‘You’ by Daltrey. ‘Did You Steal My Money’, ‘How Can You Do It Alone’, and ‘Another Trickey Day’ are my favorite Townshend tunes.

Sell Out (1967) - I remember buying this deluxe double album of “Sell Out” and “A Quick One” when I first started collecting The Who back catalog. “Sell Out” was so new to me hearing commercial ads The Who created in between the songs. “I Can See For Miles’, ‘Can’t Reach You’ ‘Tattoo’ all great tunes. ‘Rael (1 and 2)’ has some early chord germs of ‘Sparks’ from Tommy that comes out about 2 years later. 

A Quick One (1966) - was at first one of my favorite Who albums when I purchased it. Great collection of songs. ‘A Quick One’ is The Who’s second album and they seemed to be finding themselves. As the debut album seems to be a bit of surf rock this album they are starting to rock. The first track ‘Run Run Run’, has some Kinks influence and as Townshend notes in ‘The Who by Numbers’ book The Kinks was a big influence to him. Pete’s first mini opera ‘A Quick One, While He’s Away’. “I Need You’ written and sung by Keith Moon and ‘Cobwebs and Strange’ an instrumental by Moon.  ‘Heatwave’ the only cover on this album. Another 2 great tunes by Entwistle ‘Boris The Spider’ and ‘Whiskey Man’ which was my favorite track for a long time. In the book ‘The Who By Numbers’ (I recommend) which goes through each album track by track explains ‘Whiskey Man’ from the western movie ‘Ride Beyond Vengeance’ actor Claude Akins plays a drunk w/ an imaginary friend called ‘Whiskey Man’. I thought of this show when I heard the song then but didn’t think John seen the same movie.

The Who By Numbers (1975) - after “Quadrophenia” and “Tommy” both very strong concept albums “By Numbers” is good collection of songs by Pete. 'Slip Kid’, ‘Squeeze Box’, ‘Blue, Red and Grey’ and ‘How Many Friends’.

Who Are You (1978) - Keith Moon’s last album and the last of original The Who members record. ‘Who Are You’ is a classic like ‘We Don’t Get Fooled Again’. Entwistle again writes 3 great tunes ‘Had Enough’, ‘905’ and ‘Trick of The Light’. Pete’s ‘Music Must Change’, ‘Guitar And Pen’ are also a few of his outstanding tracks.

Tommy (1969) - very popular album and songs The Who tours for years. This album was recreated a number of times but the original is the best. I remember first listening to this album from my sister’s collection back in early 70’s. So I was use to the original version. “Pinball Wizard’ was my favorite during that time. But ‘Sparks’ was probably the first instrumental I truly enjoyed. 

Who’s Next (1971) - this album is the true 70’s. Coming out of Townshend’s “Life House” project that sound so convoluted even the Who members couldn’t understand it. So Pete ended up creating “Who’s Next” that contains a number of tracks from ill fated project. Outstanding songs not one bad track “Bargin’, ‘Baba O’Riley’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’, ‘Going Mobile’, and “Won’t Get Fooled Again’ each song was on the radio at one time or another.

Quadrophenia (1973) - This album is my “Desert Island” pick. I always loved this album the first I heard it. I can even remember where I was at the time. I found this more relatable than Tommy was more pop fantasy. “Quadrophenia” was real and dark. I can’t just listen to a few tracks of this album. When I play it I have to start from the beginning to end. I think The Who made me appreciate instrumentals as ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘The Rock’ are outstanding tracks. ‘The Real Me’, ‘5:15’, ‘Doctor Jimmy’, and ‘Love, Reign o’er Me’ to me is Roger’s vocals at his best. Townshend did amazing writing, arrangement and production of this album. This album is always in my top ten albums list of all time it never get’s old.

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