Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1975, Thin Lizzy - Fighting, cassette

This Cassette Tuesday we start "Fighting
w/ Thin Lizzy's 5th release cassette.

"Fighting" is Thin Lizzy's fifth release. Around this time
they started more w/ their signature sound. In just one year
Thin Lizzy's next album "Jailbreak" would be their biggest hit
w/ the single "The Boys Are Back In Town".
"Fighting" has quite a few hits among the fans. "Suicide" for one was
actually an earlier song from '73 w/ different lyrics titled "Baby's Been Messing Around".
"Rosalie" is the only cover song by Bob Seger. "Wild One", "Freedom Song" and one of my favorite
tracks is the title song "Fighting" (audio at end of page) that could of been in the "Jailbreak" album.
This is the only album that has Phil Lynott as sole Producer.
The cover art is an alternative photo that was used for the North American release.
I have no idea why it was changed. Original cover is shown at bottom of this page. 
During my time collecting Thin Lizzy back catalog on vinyl
I could only find "Fighting" on cassette. 
This seems to me one of Thin Lizzy's over looked albums that got
lost after "Jailbreak" released the following year.

1975, Thin Lizzy - "Fighting", cassette

(alternative cover)
This is the cover of the North American release

Cover unfolded
(other side is blank)

Side 1

Side 2


(Original Cover Art)

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